About Me


I began blogging when I moved to New York City in September 2011. Over the last six years, this blog and my writing have changed and grown along with me. I originally chose the name “seek the peace” from the biblical verse: “Seek the peace of the city where I have set you,” although, now, I embrace a more active approach. As a peacebuilder I want to do more than seek peace or keep peace or make peace, I want to build it from the ground up, block by block, side by side with all of you.

A Pennsylvania native, I currently reside in Brattleboro, Vermont where my husband and I moved so I could pursue my MA in Peacebuilding and Conflict Transformation with a focus in Social Justice Training from SIT (School for International Training) Graduate Institute.

A few of my deepest passions are community building, facilitation, exploring with my husband, Chris, listening to podcasts, reading and writing poetry, learning to be a better ally and social justice advocate, and backpacking. I am a much-too-avid coffee drinker, an unconditional dog lover, a bit of a restless spirit, a crochet addict, and a passionate soul. I love conversation so comments, questions, concerns, musings, stories are always welcome. Thanks for visiting and I wish you well as you seek to build peace in your city and learn to love your ground.


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