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This is a poem I wrote last year for a group of middle schoolers.

* * *

So many people in this world
have fallen asleep
they keep their eyes shut
their doors shuttered
their hearts that once fluttered
beat softer than words muttered
from beneath their sleepy breath.

So many people in this world
are burnt out and tired
the fire that once burned in their bellies
is now a well that stands empty
though plenty of work remains to be done
they’ve come undone
and no longer feel the warmth of the sun
on their sad faces.

So many people in this world
used to dream and scheme
of how things could be different,
better, stronger, if they no longer
held themselves back
with all the things they think they lack
and all the reasons and ways
things must stay the same.

So many people in this world
have given up
have tucked away
their unique array of colors
because one thing or another
has caused them to cover
instead of discover
their own true selves.

But these are not all the people in this world.
There are people who are awake
quick to shake off and shake up
people who break up
the monotony of how things “should be”
and dare to dream of what could be.

There are people in this world
who join together
to make the world better
because they know ideas grow best
when they are shared
and invested in by others.

There are people in this world
who are full of light
shining brightly in the dark night
of the soul
who are bold in their visions
but not too set in their ways
to not make revisions.

There are people in this world
who dream big and bigger
who have the drive to figure
out what life is all about
and shout it from the rooftops
never letting doubters stop
them from believing.

There are people in this world
who love others because
they are able to love themselves enough
to realize the uniqueness
of their own gifts and creativity
living life vividly
as only they can live it.

And this doesn’t mean
that because your sheen
also shines that it outshines mine
we all have something to bring
to the table
if only we are able
to make room for us all to bloom.

We are all people in this world
and we have a choice
to add our voice to the fray
joining in with what others say
is the only way the world can be.
Or we can choose to see
a better world, unfurled
in our dreams,
our hearts bursting at the seams.

We can choose to be the change
we wish to see
to open our eyes to what could be
and to live boldly as schemers
because what this world needs
is more dreamers.


Image courtesy of Flickr