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The puppeteer and his puppet
up late drafting executive orders
to close up the borders
deport “foreigners,” build fortresses
to insulate the nation-state,
to silence the scientists
and anyone who insists and claims
that climate change exists,
to reverse the stoppage of pipelines
and cut funding for maternal lifelines
across the globe and here at home.
Forget the system of checks and balances,
the balance of the scale tilts in our favor
as long as our erratic behavior
distracts from our grab of power.
Quick, sign these at the 11th hour
then slip behind the closed doors
to carry out even more
dangerous and secretive orders.

You see, behind the smoke screen
of the angry, knee-jerk tweeting,
the master puppeteer
jeers and smirks as this president,
his new apprentice and student,
implements his sinister policies.
Distract the masses in the cities
with all these atrocities
and, as they take to the streets,
gut State Department offices
and force officers to resign.
Assign me to the National Security Council
not an ounce of lead in your pencil
will touch the page
without my sage advice and wisdom.

Congress is like putty in our hands.
See how they stand with us now
when they vowed during the election
to go in another direction?
They have no will or backbone
and will condone any Republican
simply so they can keep their positions.
And Democrats too,
they know they have no power to stop you
so instead of casting a symbolic vote
against your nominees
they’ll do as we please for the ease of it.
Continue to instill fear of defiance,
either their silence will equal compliance
or they’ll soon change their tune
and start singing your praises.

Keep attacking the media and the press.
It’s best to misuse fiction and fact,
this tactic will keep the masses confused.
Keep using conservative and far right outlets
to spout alternative facts
so our base remains on our side,
pacified and fired up at the same time.
Continue that tried and true strategy
of turning the masses, angrily
against each other.
Smother dissent and disagreement
and cement our grand achievement
of reviving white power,
gazing out from our ivory tower,
on these great divided states
we have successfully created.

These first weeks will be the test
to see if people continue to protest
and object our policies
or if maybe they will ease off
and stop calling their representatives
and senators,
get discouraged, feel unheard,
stop spreading dissenting words,
stop urging their fellow citizens
to stand in every way they can
and get with our nationalist program.
Once they stop their futile demands
we will maintain a strong command,
as long as the master puppeteer
can continue to commandeer
the puppet in his hand.