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Your body – YOURS –
don’t you know she’s beautiful?
Your curves,
your lines,
your marks,
are a map.
Each scar and contour telling a story,
your story,
of how you grew.
You body is a tree,
strong and sacred and ever changing.
Don’t you know, tree woman, that your body is a temple?
And I don’t mean that in a shame-inducing way.
I mean that your legs are pillars,
Your arms, courtyards,
your hair a tapestry,
your eyes, fountains,
your smile, the sun.
Don’t you know your body is in tune with the tides and the moon?
You are the tides and the moon,
the sway of your hips,
the light in your soul.
Moon woman, tide woman, temple woman,
don’t you know your body is beautiful?
Don’t you know your body creates,
gives life, if you want it to,
is alive?
You are a unique piece of art,
a treasure,
a masterpiece,
a rarity,
a museum to which only you grant admission.
Your body, she is YOURS,
and never let anyone tell you otherwise.
Unique woman, life-giving woman, masterpiece woman,
don’t you know your body is beautiful?
Don’t you know you are the only make of your model?
Your complexity is astounding.
But your body is not you,
your soul is you
and your body, your home.
She is the protector
of the sacred,
precious life within,
the source of her beauty.
Your body is home, light, life.
Embrace her.
Cradle her.
Be kind to her.
She is sun, moon, forest, temple, tide, art, creativity exemplified.
She is beautiful.
She is alive.
She is