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For butterflies in the warm summer sun
For the sound of a pebble breaking the surface of water
For a warm cuddle on a cold morning
For a cool breeze on a warm night
For hot coffee in a mug
For rising up singing
For leaves crunching under foot
For giant snowflakes slowly falling
For bare feet in cool grass
For breathing deeply
For laughter
For candles glowing in the darkness
For holding hands around a food filled table
For fond memories
For family
For hands cradling dirt
For wandering in the woods
For climbing a mountain
For chopping vegetables
For picking flowers
For jumping into cooling water
For getting lost in a captivating book
For loving and being loved
For deep conversation
For seeking peace
For building peace
For the embrace of the Divine
For companionship
For rest, for community, for love, for hope
For these I am glad to be alive.