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Last night my sister and I went to check out the Christmas Village, a quaint German-style outdoor shopping center that pops up for the holiday season, in Love Park. Sadly, the little shops were closed but we came across this lovely display called The Wish Wall. Here, on shiny, circular “ornaments” were written the wishes of anonymous strangers.

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Many expressed wishes for unborn children:

I wish for a healthy baby boy or girl!

I wish for a happy and healthy pregnancy!

Some expressed prayers and deep pain:

If you read this please pray for my mom.

I pray that his cancer will be cured.

I wish that my family can be together for Christmas.

I want to be loved.

A child with shaky handwriting wrote:

I love mom and dad!

A die hard Philly fan wrote:

I wish the Eagles would have a winning season!

Others were written in foreign languages.

As we gingerly turned over ornament after ornament, we could almost feel the presence of the writers as we held their wishes and hopes in our hands. Excitement bubbled over as we rushed to uncover more. It was a magical moment, reading each wish out loud to one another, smiling and sighing with each new discovery.

In the quiet, cold, near-empty darkness of the park we found a corner of light and it was every bit of the infinite hope that under-girds this season.

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