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5:45 pm and damage control is in full swing. The dish I made for the 6:00 potluck is absolute crap. The sweet potatoes that are supposed to be roasted and crispy turned into mashed potatoes. The butter, honey, and spinach that beautifully adorn the dish in its Food Network photo look like garbage in my rendition.

What to do, what to do? My usual fall back, a loaf of bread from the bakery where I work, is super stale and half eaten. No go. For goodness sake I don’t even have crackers and cheese! Frozen mac and cheese will take too long. So it’s down to apples or cereal.

I go with the sliced apples and peanut butter, grab both dishes, and rush out the door. Who knows, maybe if people are desperate they’ll eat the potato mush.

Turns out, they did! And I didn’t even have to pay them!

Tuesdays nights have become one of my favorite nights of the week because of these potlucks. Known as Togethering, these meals are chance for members of West Philly Mennonite who live in West Philly to get together, eat good food, and enjoy each other’s company. Simple as that. (And anyone is welcome).

And the added bonus: no one seems to mind my terrible cooking! Oh the joys of the Mennonite potluck.