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That’s right folks, yours truly turns 24 today! And I am so excited! I absolutely love birthdays and always plan to.

I must say that January birthdays are the best and, no, I am not biased at all. While the rest of my family and friends are lamenting the end of the holiday season, I am bubbling with excitement and anticipation at the near arrival of my special day. While the weather is (normally) cold and dreary, the promise of my birthday makes the weather seem a little less frightful.

I think I say this every birthday but 23 was the best year so far and I look forward to what 24 will bring!

A friend of mine asked me on my birthday last year to reminisce on being 22: what did I learn, what did I love, what did I lose? Well here are a few remembrances on being 23.

I learned that I love being with people. Little old introverted me, who prefers being at home to being most anywhere else, gets so much energy from being surrounded by people.

I loved my community and church in New York City. This incredible group of people in this incredible city provided the space for me to explore myself.

I lost this great community in one sense but I gained another. I lost my dear, dear grandfather and I still have trouble grappling with the hole he has left.

My 23rd year of life was full in so many ways. Full of challenges, full of love, full of life, full of sorrow. Simply put, it was full. And I hope 24 will be filled to the brim as well.

I don’t typically set New Year’s resolutions because I think they are cheesy, cliche, and doomed to failure buuut I do believe in birthday resolutions because they are most certainly NOT cheesy, cliche, or doomed to failure. And since my birthday coincides pretty darn well with the New Year, well, what better timing? So here they are…

A Few Goals for a 24 Year Old Megan:

Learn Spanish at a conversational level.

Actually keep up this silly blog and post once a week.

Read every David James Duncan book.

“Work out” 3 times a week, whatever that may entail!

Bike to work, bike to work, bike to work! (And avoid hitting trolley tracks!)

Go on a silent, meditative retreat.

Make a new crochet project once a month.

Learn how to cook…finally. (Ok I knowย howย to cook, it just doesn’t taste good so really this should read “Make good tasting food…and not by accident”).

Go backpacking for a weekend, kayaking for a weekend, hiking for a weekend, camping for a weekend. If possible, all at once.

That’s the shortlist for now and I share it with you my friends so that I can be held accountable for all this nonsense. Thank you all for your love and support in my 23rd year of life! Here’s to the 24th year, in all its glory.