As anyone who’s moved to a new city, started a new job, and rented a new apartment can attest to, getting settled is anything but a rose garden.

I’ve now been a Philadelphia resident for nearly two weeks and I’m slowly starting to feel at home. Thanks to my wonderful neighbors, the Kauffmans (who also happen to be dear Timo’s parents),  I have not had to go hungry or be lonely for too very long.

My part-time job is wonderful, however, when one has rent and student debts as high as the Empire State Building, a second job is necessary. After day one of unsuccessful job hunting I was still excited and chipper.

After day three, a little deflated but still gung-ho.

Day seven, depressed and drowning my sorrows in wine while attempting to watch an ever-buffering episode of House Hunters International.

Did I mention I’m a bit on the impatient side? I know patience is a pain in the ass virtue but that doesn’t make it any easier!

Day nine, nearly in tears. I know those of you reading this who’ve spent months looking for jobs are thinking, “This girl is a nutcase! Nine days and she’s in tears? Pathetic!” Well, yes, I am pathetic.

This brings me to yesterday, day 10. I had a training with the owner of a small local restaurant and bar at 4 that I was kind of hoping would amount to something. I say kind of because the day before when I arrived at the place the boss sized me up, glanced at my resume for two seconds, and said, “Be back tomorrow at 4 for training.”

Now usually one is interviewed, then hired, then trained with payNot so at this establishment. One is found to be able bodied, then trained without pay, then hired if they make it through training. Gulp.

So yesterday I showed up at 4 pm, quite wary but ready to go. “How long will this training last?” I ask boss-lady.

She gives me a stupified look and says, “A couple hours, a couple days– as long as it takes you to learn the job.” Witty.

“No, I mean today. How long will training last today?”

“We’re open to 2 am aren’t we? It goes til then.”

Now correct me if I’m wrong but 10 hours of “training” without pay is against some kind of labor law right? At the very least it’s ridiculous!

“Well,” I tell her, “we did not discuss that yesterday and I am unable to stay until 2 am without pay.” Ballsy for me, I know.

“Oh, so you wanna train for an hour here and train for an hour there and call that training?” As she rambled on about everyone getting their hustle on and the need for her strict training, I started to smile because I knew that I was not that desperate.

“I don’t think this going to work out,” I firmly told her.

“Well I’m glad you know now cuz I don’t want you wasting my time.” You and me both lady!

I left that place feeling an incredible sense of peace in the fact that I had not settled. Yes, I still need a job more desperately than ever but I don’t need to take a job I would be miserable doing out of desperation.

You see I’ve been feeling pretty lonely, unhappy, and bored since I moved to Philly and what’s made it worse is that I just sit around and wallow in those feelings. Wah, wah, wah, poor little me.

But it took a snappy woman at a job that certainly wasn’t up my alley to snap me out of my funk. I may not have it all at this moment in my life but I don’t need to because I’m good enough, I’m smart enough, and, doggone it, people like me!