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I think it’s safe to say the honeymoon stage is officially over…in fact, it’s been over for a few weeks now.  I’ve become increasingly disillusioned with New York City– it doesn’t hold that magic I once thought it did, people aren’t as kind as I once thought they were, and public transportation isn’t as convenient as I once thought it was. 

I suppose this is what happens six months into a new life situation: things become stale, ordinary, boring, even uncomfortable.  There are no longer grand visions of what work might be like or of what the city holds. Everything has come into the light and this is reality.

In some ways I’ve become more accustomed to the 8 hour long days in an office, in other ways I still lose my sanity when I think about the long week looming in front of me. Sometimes I don’t know whether to be grateful that my office stamina is increasing or saddened that my soul has finally succumbed to the office’s dark hold (Insert shameless Lord of the Rings analogy: My office is Mordor, my cubicle Mount Doom, my hatred for office life the ring I must destroy).

I’ve even noticed the toll New York City has taken on my health: I rarely sleep well and suffer from headaches almost daily. I find myself exhausted and on the verge of sickness more often than not.

But yet there are still blossoms of hope here and there. I still find peace in quiet moments and beauty in my surroundings. I still live with the same wonderful people in the same wonderful house. There are still books that captivate me, parks that call to me, and rivers to run beside. I am still Megan and I must remember that a few ups and downs does not change my essence.

It is tough to grapple with the ordinariness of every day life but I suppose that this is life in its truest form: ordinary, ritualistic, mundane.  It is finding the extraordinary in the ordinary, the beauty in the mundane, and the newness in the rituals that is so difficult.  I know life waxes and wanes and there will be a time when I am once again excited by this great city and hopeful about the work I do.  Until then, so long honeymoon, hello married life?